New Release
Bastion v10 has been released with new ways to interact with commands using Discord's new Slash commands, Select Menus, Input Modals & Button Interactions. This version also brings lots of improvements & bug fixes. There's also a lot of new features in the pipeline for future releases.

Bastion Partners

A good partnership is always two sided. Let's partner by supporting each other and grow together.

What's it all about?

Check out the swanky perks you’ll get if you are approved.


All you'd wanna know and even some extra

What do we look for in partners?

Someone who appreciates me for who I am and doesn't judge me for being a robot, likes candle-lit dinners in exotic places, and... wait, I think I misread the question.

Really, we look for growing communities and creators that show an authentic enthusiasm for Bastion (which means you're already using Bastion in your community). We want to support communities that support us. Acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one community to another.

What numbers do I have to hit as a creator/community to be accepted into the partnership program?

If you have substantial active users in your Discord server, and preferrably, using Bastion in your community, submit an application along with your Discord server insights and you'll hear from us soon.

If you're partnered on any other platforms, we'd love to partner with you. And if you're already partnered on Discord, there's nothing better!

If you represent a non-profit, we want to work with you too! Submit an application along with the EIN that matches your organization and you’ll hear from us soon.

Remember that if you're currently not actively using Bastion in your community, you will not be accepted into the partners program.

Am I able to get multiple badges for some of my members of the community?
No, because this is a slippery slippery slope and we've already fractured a wrist and had to get scaphoid surgery and we can't do that again.
When will I have access to all these perks?
The partner elves must complete their acceptance chant before your VIP server will be activated. This takes about one week after you receive your acceptance email.