The new dashboard is here!


Listen to songs together while you are in a voice channel. High quality audio with complete control over the playback.
Voice Sessions
Set up voice sessions to automatically create temporary voice channels whenever users need a channel.
Ask questions about anything you might want to know about or have a simple conversation if you're boared.
Text to Image
Generate images from your imagination using a description of the desired image.
Auto Threads
Set up auto threads to automatically create threads when users send a new message in the auto thread channel.
Restrict access to your server until users complete a challenge to prove they are human. Set up verification to prevent raids and reduce spam.
Select Roles
Create groups of roles that users can easily assign themselves using Buttons and Select Menus.
Live Stream Notifications
Follow your favourite live streamers and notify the users in your server when they go live.
Give your mods a break while keeping your server safe! Configure Bastion to automatically moderate users when they violate any rules.
Set up filters to automatically moderate content like links and Discord invites sent in the server.
Set up suggestions to allow users to send you feedback and take action on it.
Set up user reports to allow users to report other users and allow your mods to take action with the click of a button.
Incentivize users to be active in the server! Earn XP, level up, give reps, earn coins, and compete to stay in the top of the leaderboard.
Level Roles
Set up level roles to automatically assign roles and give special access to users when they get to a certain level.
Want to give away stuff to the users in your server? Set up giveaways and let Bastion handle the giveaways for you.
Run polls and collect your users' votes for any topic and see the results once the polls are closed.
Voting Channels
Set up voting channels to allow users to vote for content posted in the voting channels.
Virtual Currencies
A virtual currency system where users get coins when they chat in the server and level up, and participate in other activities.
Triggers & Reactions
Set up message triggers with responses and Bastion will send the response to the users when it finds the trigger in their message.
Bastion will automatically speak and interact with the preferred language of the server. You can help us translating Bastion on Crowdin and help us bring it to the world!
Play some interesting single-player games with Bastion or multi-player games with your friends and test your skill.
Player Stats
See stats of players and game servers from different games like Overwatch 2, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, Minecraft, and more.
Searche across various sources like Wikipedia, Google Maps, Games, Movies, TV Series, Animes, Mangas, Weather, YouTube, Twitch, and more.
Set up starboard to automatically log the starred messages in the hall-of-fame channel.
Greetings & Farewells
Welcome users to the server and say your goodbyes when they leave with custom messages.
Log every event in the server, including moderation events and get back to it whenever you need the details.
Read the latest strips from the most popular comics like xkcd, PHD Comics, Garfield, etc.
Server Pages
A webpage for your server where everyone can see an overview of your server and its members.
A sleek and stylish dashboard for server managers! Set up and configure Bastion in your servers with ease.
Status API
Add Bastion to your status page. An API to get detailed status of your instance of Bastion.
Show off badges in your profile that you can get by participating in certain activities.
Server Shop
Set up shop in your server where users can spend their coins to buy items like roles, or any custom item of your choice.
Invite Tracking & Rewards
Set up referrals in the server and reward users for inviting others to the server.